Step2 Push Around Buggy Product Defect

Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian, P.C. together with the law firm of Howry Breen & Herman, LLC, have filed a case against The Step2 Company, LLC.  The case involves a three year old boy who sustained serious head injuries resulting from the handle coming off of a Step2 Push Around Buggy he was sitting in. As the buggy was being pushed down a pedestrian walkway going downhill, the handle of the buggy detached from the buggy, which sent the three year old careening down the walkway right into a wall.

On May 12, 2010, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission instituted a product recall on the Step2 Push Around Buggy specifically for the pin that causes the handle to dislodge.  According to the CPSC, 28 reported instances of handles of the Step2 Push Around Buggy had dislodged, and two instances where children needed professional medical treatment.

If you have any information on this matter, including instances of the handle of any Step2 Buggy coming off, please call Ara Jabagchourian at (650) 437-6840.