Fraud Litigation

Fraud Litigation

The number of ways fraud litigation arises is countless.  Fraud under the law can take many forms. It can arise through contracts, advertising and statements. Common forms of fraud are financial Ponzi schemes and Pyramid schemes, which target the public on a large scale.  Click here to read published article on Ponzi Schemes by Ara Jabagchourian.

Fraud is usually based on a false statement that leads someone to enter into a contract. This is known as an “intentional misrepresentation” action. However, fraud can also arise from a withholding or concealing an important fact. This type of fraud is known as “concealment.” In fact, fraud can also arise from a statement that someone believes an important fact to be true when it is not, but states it under a negligent manner, also known as “negligent misrepresentation.”  Click here to read published article on fraud litigation.

There are many financial remedies in fraud matters. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian, P.C. have handled and tried several fraud cases. In fact, the attorneys at the firm have successfully resolved all fraud cases they have tried. Cases tried have included Ponzi scheme cases, construction fraud and false/inflated billing schemes.

Massoyan v. HL Leasing, Inc.

The case involved massive Ponzi scheme out of Fresno, California, impacting over 1200 investors.  The scheme entailed promissory notes based upon equipment leases.  At trial, it was shown that no such leases existed.  The jury found the President and the Chief Financial Officer liable for $47.2 million and the court found that the wife of the CEO was liable for $114.5 million as alter ego to her late husband.
Fresno County Superior Court Case No. 09CECG01839; affirmed on appeal Cal. Court of Appeal, Fifth Appellate District F065392

Olympus-Calistoga v. Taisei Corporation

The case involved an elaborate fraudulent billing scheme by Taisei, a general contractor and Olympus-Calistoga, a resort development in Napa Vallley.  The case was arbitrated and a successful result was achieved for the resort developer.
American Arbitration Association Case No. 74 110 Y 01149 06

Davis v. Hope Life Foundation

Jabagchourian represented a victim of a Ponzi scheme involving promissory notes with no backing.  The case was tried, resulting in a unanimous verdict for the plaintiff.
San Mateo Superior Court Case No. CIV 427713