Getting Results is Our Top Priority.

The Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian, P.C. is devoted to providing effective and aggressive representation to its clients.

A San Mateo Injury Attorney With Experience

The attorney you hire will have drastic impact on the success of your case. Ara Jabagchourian has been selected and ranked as a top attorney statewide and nationally by numerous organizations and his peers. Further, his verdicts have been recognized as some of the highest and most impactful. Despite our firm’s strong reputation in handling cases of all sizes, Ara Jabagchourian is involved in every case that the firm handles from the moment of its intake until its conclusion and is readily accessible to his clients.

Ara Jabagchourian has had legal experience working for a federal agency in Washington D.C., the courts and large firms and has successfully handled cases of all sizes up through and including verdict and appeal. This unique legal experience is applied on every case the firm handles at every juncture.

Don't Settle For Less
Than You Deserve

Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian has developed a reputation for its methodical approach in seeking to get matters resolved in the most efficient way possible for the benefit of its clients. Where many firms have developed reputations for always settling cases before trial, thus reducing the value of the case, clients and attorneys who work with our law office know that they hired a firm that will effectively try the case to a jury if the terms of resolution are not favorable. Our hands-on approach to building the strongest case possible starts from the moment of intake.

Where many firms staff their cases with junior attorneys who probably will not try the case, Ara Jabagchourian is involved in every case the firm takes from beginning to end. As the evidence builds, the firm’s attorneys continually reassess the case with the client’s involvement to develop the strongest presentation with the goal in obtaining the best outcome given the recognized risks and benefits that inevitably arise. From personal injury matters to complex fraud cases, our firm has developed case strategies and obtained outcomes that have been recognized as some of the best not only in California, but nationally.

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