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Employment law issues arising in the workplace, such as discrimination and failure to pay wages and overtime, are unfortunately all too common. Such disruptions usually have drastic impacts on the employees and their families. However, employees have a myriad of rights, stemming from both federal and California state laws.

Wage And Hour

California law is very broad in seeking to protect workers’ rights.  For example, where wages are not timely paid, the employer can be liable not only for paying back those wages, but also have to pay a penalty.  On top of that, the employer is also responsible for attorney fees.

Sexual Harassment

Likewise, if an employer commits or knowingly allows harassment based on gender, such as persistent jokes about women or sexually related discussions, an employee has recourse.  This includes not only damages for any lost wages, but any harm caused to a person emotionally.  If such conduct is persistent or serious enough, an employer can also be responsible for damages designed to punish them.

The firm attorneys have handled a wide array of employment matters including sexual harassment, age discrimination, termination in violation of public policy and unpaid compensation, including, hourly wages, salary, commissions and nondiscretionary bonuses.

Speed Is Important

Where such employment issues should arise, it is important to contact an attorney early to help marshal the evidence and interview witnesses before memories fade. Sometimes, the employment issues begin to surface before a termination. It is even more imperative to contact an attorney at this point to assist in navigating through the legal minefield.

Hall & Morehous v. Novak Druce Connelly Bove + Quigg, LLP

Two law partners brought suit against their former firm for failure to pay salaries and bonuses, fraud and for retaliation.  The plaintiffs obtained a $500,000 judgment including attorney’s fees.
San Francisco Superior Court Case No. CGC-15-547383

Edwards, et al. v. Webcor Construction, Inc.

Jabagchourian represented several individuals in an employment/termination suit involving equity stakes against a large construction company.  The matter settled prior to trial.
San Mateo Superior Court Case No. CIV 463086

White v. Gualberto, M.D. & Seton Medical Center, Inc.

The case centered on a physical assault of a surgery coordinator by a physician, who remained at the hospital with his privileges for some time after the attack.  The case resolved in a confidential settlement.
San Mateo Superior Court Case No. CIV 518548