Trucking / Big Rig Accidents

Trucking accidents or Big Rig accidents are not simply car accident cases involving larger vehicles.  A whole host of new factors go into play that are not involved in car accident cases.  These include federal interstate standards, whether the load is deemed intra-state rather inter-state, whether a broker was involved in the haul, was the trailer insured and review of log book entries.

Not only does a victim need an attorney was strong trial skills, but also one with experience in these types of cases.  The attorneys of Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian, P.C. have used numerous experts in trucking cases, including trucking experts on the industry standards, accident reconstruction experts and biomechanical experts.

Given the large size of these vehicles, the impact they have on surrounding vehicles can be catastrophic.  Evidence such as recording devices on the rig or video cameras can also assist in helping establish liability.  Our attorneys have used such methods, especially in wrongful death cases, to help the deceased loved one put on their side of the story through the use of technology.

Be it an independent trucking company or trucks driven for establish companies, speed on these cases are critical.  Our office would immediately request a preservation of certain evidence so as to minimize its destruction before a lawsuit is filed.  Once filed, our attorneys then move to obtain that evidence is quickly as possible so to give its experts time to review and develop their opinions.

Many of these cases occur on California’s large interstates and freeways, including I-5, I-10 and Highway 99.  Given that commuters as well as big rig operators are using these highways, the interaction between the two as resulted in numerous collisions, with many people getting seriously hurt.

If you have any questions regarding a trucking accident, please call an attorney at the Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian, P.C. to discuss.