Premise Liability Property Injury

Premise liability property injury cases focus on injuries sustained on either private or public property.  The types of cases that are under this umbrella include balcony collapse matters, stairwell collapse cases, apartment injuries and fire cases.

The issues that routinely come up on these types of cases if the issue of the owner or manager’s knowledge of the dangerous condition.  Rarely does the landowner say they knew of the dangerous condition or that the premise was  in a bad condition.  What our attorneys do is obtain maintenance records of the premise and determine what efforts the landowner or property manager make to keep the premise safe.

Our attorneys also look to building codes and the industry standard for construction and maintenance.  Basic standards help establish that the condition was not safe and should have been altered or repaired months if not years ago.  Our office works with former building code inspectors to assist in these types of cases.

Another issue that comes up is whether the danger was open and obvious.  That is, could the danger have been seen by a reasonable person.  The irony of such position encourages landowners and property managers to allow the property to decay to such an extent that they then try to place the blame on the victim.

Government property is also subject to protections for the public.  However, the standards differ with government land.  In fact, immunity may apply to injuries that occur on certain government land or open private land.  (See article on immunity).  Also, there are certain short deadlines that need to be met when dealing with government land, or else your claim can be time barred.

If you have any questions regarding a potential premise liability case, or want to know more about the subject area, please call an attorney at the Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian, P.C. to set up an appointment.