Burn Injury

A burn injury is one of the most horrific and life altering injuries a person can sustain.  In serious cases, the victim must be placed a medical tent and go through numerous skin graft procedures just to survive.  The expertise that is required to treat such victims typical are found in only specialized facilities commonly known as “burn centers.”

Attorneys of the Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian have handled numerous burn cases.  Some of these cases include the PG&E gas line explosion in San Bruno and in Fresno.  We work with our burn clients in obtaining experts involved in treatment, including plastic surgeons and physical rehabilitation specialists.  Many times, after the initial treatment, many burn patients have limited options for treatment.   Our office assists our burn injury clients in finding the best medical care possible.

Burns can result from many sources.  The obvious are fires from either a home burning or a blown natural gas line.  Our office has been seeing burns also resulting from cryotherapy.  Cryotherapy is a popular non-medical treatment used to theoretically reduce inflammation in athletes.  The idea is to use nitrogen at levels of -40 to -60 degrees Fahrenheit to accomplish this.  As the treatment becomes more popular, more cases of severe skin burns are coming up.  Our office has consulted with consumer protection experts on the issue of cryotherapy on several matters.

Burn cases are serious matters and should be handled by attorneys who have handled the matters in the past.  Burn injury cases require careful analysis.  This analysis should be performed early in conjunction with physicians who specialize in burn patients.  This approach will assist in obtaining the best result possible for the client.

If you would like to discuss a burn injury matter, feel free to call and ask to speak with an attorney at the Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian.