Dog Bite / Attack

Dog attacks and/or bites that result in injury have a profound impact on the victim.  California has recognized this as such and has enacted a dog bite statute under Civil Code section 3342.  As long the victim is in a lawful place, the owner of the dog is strictly liable for injuries caused by the dog attack.  This would include a public walkway, a park or on private land if the person was allowed to be there.

The attorneys of Law Offices of Ara Jabagchourian, P.C. have handled dozens of dog bite cases.  These include everything from a single bite of a child’s face to three large dogs tearing a morning jogger apart.  What inevitably occurs in these cases is the legal maneuvering needed to obtain available funds to compensate the victim.

Owners of a dog may have insurance coverage related to injuries caused by their dog.  Depending on the situation, a landowner may also be responsible for the injuries caused by a dog on private property.  The law looks to whether the landowner knew or had knowledge regarding the dangerous propensity of the dog before the attack.

The injuries associated with a dog bite can range from physical scarring to severe trauma requiring extensive medical procedures.  Medical expenses can be extensive.  Bills for future medical treatment, including the need for rehabilitation and cosmetic surgery can add up.

Children are unfortunately found to be the victims of a dog bite.  Given their relative size, a dog has much easier time reaching a child’s face, causing horrific injuries.  It becomes imperative to get children to the right physicians soon after such an attack.

Certain breeds of dogs are seen as causing great harm to people when attacked.  Bites from pit bulls, bullmastiffs, boxers, etc. can wreak havoc on an individual.  Sometimes, experts are required at trial on issues of training and evaluation of bite marks to develop a case.

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