Spinal Cord Injury / Paralysis

A spinal cord injury, such as those resulting in paralysis, are life shattering.  Issues of whether one will ever walk again, be able to work again, etc. impact not only the injured, but the entire family.

Spinal cord injury matters require substantial resource to prepare.  These resources include obtaining the correct right consultants for your case.  In spinal cord cases, neurosurgeons and spine surgeons are where the analysis of the injury starts.  Pain and rehabilitation experts are also needed to establish future needs of the client moving forward.

Injuries such as compression fractures and bulged discs are injuries that are can require years of treatment.  Understanding how the rehabilitation process will play out assists our law office in counseling our clients on how to move forward.

What makes spinal cord injury cases different than the run of the mill personal injury matters is the complexity of the injury.  With the ever growing medical science in the field, attorneys need to be well versed in it to provide their clients effective counsel.  Likewise, issues related to paralysis and the treatments available to get people the ability to move their limbs again is astounding.

If you have any questions related to a spinal cord injury matter, feel free to contact Ara Jabagchourian to set up a face to face meeting.