Court Appointment As Liason Counsel In Deadly Princess Cruise Ship Lisitng Off Florida Coast
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Jabagchourian was also appointed liaison counsel in cases involving the listing of a Princess Cruise Line ship off the coast of Florida. The cases were all brought to successful resolution, with the plaintiffs receiving a confidential sum.
Successful Representation Of Minority Shareholder At Trial
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Jabagchourian also represented a minority shareholder in a closely held family business that held substantial agricultural land, helicopters, and timberland in Northern California. In a bench trial, the judge awarded $45.7 million to the plaintiff.
Unanimous Jury Verdict In Financial Fraud Matter
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Jabagchourian obtained a unanimous fraud verdict against a trustee of an investment outfit known as Hope Life Foundation. The case involved a Ponzi scheme that fell apart during a downturn in the economy.