Best Personal injury attorney in San Mateo

Best Personal injury attorney in San Mateo

Accidents occur when victims least expect it. You were
walking down the street, carrying groceries, and suddenly a
car hits you. You went for a routine operation and the doctor
made an irreversible error. While shopping for new clothes,
you slipped on a wet surface. When another party’s
negligence, careless or recklessness causes you physical or
mental harm, you deserve compensation.

The attorneys at the Ara J law firm have the experience you
need fighting for maximum awards for victims of personal
injury cases. Let our experience and vast legal knowledge
help you get the compensation you deserve.

Ara works directly with every client. Your case will not be
turned over to a paralegal or referred out to another law firm.
When you call with questions or concerns, he will respond as
quickly as possible, with clear, honest answers. You will be
fully informed about the legal actions taken by the judge and
opposing side. At critical points throughout your case, you
will remain in control of making informed decisions.

You will notice the difference the first time you meet with us.
Our attorneys bring a high level of professionalism,
dedication and plain old-fashioned hard work to every case
we handle at Law offices of Ara J. Jabagchourian

We pay attention to clients’ needs. Our intense pre-trial
preparation leaves nothing unexamined. We’re constantly
searching for innovative strategies and inventive courtroom
techniques designed to win. We do not rest until justice is

Don’t wait to take legal action. A delay could affect your
ability to recover compensation. Call 650-437-6840 and
schedule a consultation. We’re ready and eager to meet with
you. Solving people’s problems drives us to work hard every
single day.