Intellectual Property
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Located in San Mateo, Ara J Law, has handled numerous intellectual property disputes in various industries. With many businesses, the firm understands that the client’s intellectual property is its most valuable asset, which sets it apart from its competitors. In order to protect their revenue from free riders, the enforcement of its legal rights becomes paramount.

The types of cases handled by the firm’s attorneys have ranged from patent litigation, antitrust/intellectual property overlap issues, trade secrets, trade dress, and trademark issues. The firm has also protected intellectual property rights of clients through the Lanham Act to prevent the dilution of the client’s goodwill through the sale of counterfeit goods coming in from China.

The firm’s approach to intellectual property disputes is unique from both an efficient and cost value approach. Where a reasonable solution cannot be reached, Ara J Law is experienced to effectively carry the matter through trial.

Kenu, Inc. v. Amazon, Inc.
Kenu brought suit against Amazon fro selling infringing and counterfeit Kenu AirFrames on its site.  The case settled to all parties satisfaction.
United States District Court, Northern District of California Case No. 3:2014cv 05588
KLA-Tencor, Corp. v. Tokyo Seimitsu Co., Ltd.
Jabagchourian represented TSK in an patent infringement claim, as well as a antitrust cross-claim.
United States District Court, Northern District of California Case No. CV-01-2489BZ